War of Wars (Skulltag) By UnTrustable
 Former Operation: Geronimo
I renamed the title because im trying to make multiple missions and not just
Capture or kill Osama Bin Laden only. 
Operation Geronimo: You are a seal soldier and you are asigned to get to Abbottabad
and to capture or to kill the terrorist and Al Quaida mastermind: Osama Bin Laden.
Operation Desert Storm: You are again a seal soldier and you are now asigned to capture 
 or kill Saddam Hussein. He is  located in a small village, but beware. He has a loyal army.
This Project is no longer available to anyone but friends only.
Due to recent topic on Skulltag, ruined by people who said this project
was a waste of their time and ruined the whole first page of 20 replies
without telling me a reasonable claim where things should be fixed.
Complaining about the players speed is not a good reason to complain.
To only giving my respects to 2 persons, CorpseGr1inder and CommanderZ,
who gave me some honest feedback, while others did not, and instead they
shitloaded the entire first page.
I decided to share this with no one but my friends only (IF they still want it).
From this day on, i'll make things because I want to make them.
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Operation Geronimo: OPGER01
Operation Geronimo is made basicly for fun only. I never intend to make
this map with the idea to make this wad become popular.
Due to the fact that my low-end computer can't compile scripts, i am stuck
with whatever result i can get now.
This is the best that my low-end computer(s) can do at this moment.
If i had the power, i would have done much more... as the most of you
knows about me.
EDIT: From one day to the other, suddenly my Laptop's Doom Builder finally
likes to compile scripts. So, missions are added to this map.
Click to enlarge. Click to enlarge. Click to enlarge.
The villa of Osama Bin Laden.
All structures are completely
build in 3D floors, except the
outer walls that surrounds the
entire map.
Since Skulltag (v98D or earlier)
completely refused to have 3D
floor support in competitive
game modes i am making all
my competitive 3D floor maps
in such way that Software users
cant see a thing. There will be
no orientation point, to visualise
in their heads to where they are
Click to enlarge. Click to enlarge. Click to enlarge.
This map is my third attempt
to build everything out of 3D
floors.... learning myself to do
this the best and easy way.
I have changed some existing
sprite sets, to save myself some
time creating enemies. 
Burqa women are harmless.
A look inside the building.
It's a 2 stories high building.
Click to enlarge. Click to enlarge. Click to enlarge.
Added some NAM weapons
and created Osama Bin Laden
out of the beggar of Strife.
Because there was less
competition, i created another
enemy type, also based from
Strife. I used the peasant sprite,
and gave it a beard and a weapon.
Added some destroyable trashcans
Click to enlarge. Click to enlarge. Click to enlarge.
Added some green here and there
in the corners of this map.
Also added a maximum of 4 grenades
Finally my laptop's Doom Builder
does compile scripts. 
Finally i can add scripts and make
some missions to this map to make
it more fun.
Added enemies with bullitproof
vests on. Added a health regenerating
feature that goes slowly to max
100% everytime you get below the 
100% of health.
Click to enlarge. Click to enlarge.  
The little building has now doors
where more Al Quaida Warriors
coming out from.
The villa gets ledges like the
originally building.

Operation Desert Storm: OPDES01

Operation Desert Storm, is a true event limited in a game. You are again
a soldier that has the mission to find Saddam Hussein who is somewhere
hiding in Iraq. Intel located Saddam in some small base. Get Saddam !
Click to enlarge. Click to enlarge. Click to enlarge.
The second building build out
of full 3D floors. Even the grass
you see there, is made out of
3D floors. Why? Thank the dev
of Skulltag for not supporting
3D floors for a long time, under
the motto, not want to split the
community in two. (software and
Open GL users.)
The first (brown/yellow) building
and the rest (brown) that is
in the opposite direction of the
'second' 3D building.
No need to say that everything
you see here is all made out of
3D floors. Including the grey wall.
And here the first and second
screenshot all together in one
Click to enlarge. Click to enlarge. Click to enlarge.
Every base no matter how small
they are, must have a watchtower,
And a overview from inside
that watchtower....
Some dude who carries a
mini chaingun....
Auwah, very painfull.


Beware that all links are Password protected. *
Operation Geronimo v0.1
Operation Geronimo v0.2
War of wars 0.3
 * Why password protection? (July 1st 2011)
Thank the Skulltag Community for this. While everyone yelled that this project
was completely SHIT and was recommanded by them to no one,
(see the first page of 20 posts that was completely ruined by them)
I decided no Skulltagger will ever get their hands on this project ever.
Only two or three people at that topic were polite enough to give constructive critism.
Only to them i'll provide the password, AND to friends ofcourse. :)
And if the topic is gone for some reason, dont worry, you can also
See the entire screenshot of THAT said topic.
So, if you become a new Skulltag forum member, I hereby show you HOW
childish this community IS or can be. So you can't say you weren't warned before.
I show this topic because its not just an one-time event. It happens to often
on the Skulltag forums. Many of people i used to know or worked with,
left the forums for many reasons and above writtings are at least one of the
reasons. I have tried to reason to some of these childish-acting  people
there, but none of what i said or advised them to, worked. Typical children.
...and the funny part is, most of them are 16+'s...? And they still don't get it.
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