Thanks for visiting my Doom related webpage.
Since 1995 i'm mapping for the game DOOM/DOOM2.
What came out was basicly subbish and junk. Now-a-days we call it junk.
One day somewhere in 2007 i found Skulltag, signed in the community as UnTrustable and
start learning a new style of mapping. What was new to me was the fact that the modder could learn
Decorate code. Decorate codes are used to create new monsters, projectiles, weapons, items, Players, or whatsoever.
Also new to me was scripts. Scripts are some sort of a program.
Scripts were being used by the game Hexen, and can have a great effect on Doom.
So, i have learned alot since then, and i wish to had more time, but other interests are luring at some corner.
If you wanna see what i did for the community, just click on some links on your left.
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