Doom Race full 3D floors (Skulltag) By UnTrustable
This project started at late 2009. After an on forum discussion on about
3D floors, where 3D floors was NOT allowed in Competitive gameplay and where lots
of  bandwagon-hopping people on that forum were flaming to those who wanted these
3D floors feature, i decided to make 3D floors maps and nothing more than 3D floor maps
When im going to use them. According to the latest news Skulltag version 98E will
support 3D floors in competitive game modes. Doom Race is NOT a competitive map,
and is certainly not going to show off the functionality of 3D floors.
Doom Race's first reason was to revive Unreal Tournament 2004 Race game mode.
The second reason was for me to get more experients mapping with 3D floors feature.
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Doom Race: MAP01
Click to enlarge. Click to enlarge. Click to enlarge.
Right of the screen is the starters
point. A round structure
surrounded by walls. Only by
falling through the floors will lead 
you to the exit of that structure.
A 3D floor structure filled with
Doom crates under and above.
An other part of this map.
Once you get here you have to race
through this area, avoiding these
colored obstacles. Its not hard.
Click to enlarge. Click to enlarge. Click to enlarge.
As you can see, i have altered
the round discs with some silver
color edge. It cost a few 3D dummy
sectors but it will look good.
Made another (grey) path that
leads the player to a small laser
beam building.
A inside peak of that small laser
beam structure. Its not difficult
at all. You can walk around them
or wait till the beams go away.

Doom Race: MAPxx