This is a test page to show you my video's embedded like YouTube.
Disclaimer: to YouTube, Warner Music Group or any judicial- related organisations.
Recently i encountered a typical most common YouTube problem.
YouTube claims to hold themselves to the law as it is written but refuses (There seems no people in
their offices ?? to contact to ??) to aknowledge the HomeCopy law (16b), and honor the fair use policy (107),
and whatmore. They no longer can deliver me their video services because their perspective to the law
is far from fair. If you ask my opinion, i say they dont show any backbone either.
They also broke my trust in them.
This is my way to show YouTube ( they will never see this action btw xD ) that WE don't necessarly need
YouTube to begin with. They should be lucky that people make use of their free service(s).
Don't fight me YouTube, WMG and/or any other related organisations. Im the good guy.
Hint: Don't pull my web page, my next step will be very unpleasant to your false policy. I am making preparations
already just in case you do.
If who-ever likes to fight against my own terms, my own policy related to existing laws, my own perspective
to the law, please DO bring it on.
But please remember i am doing nothing against the law. If you need to see the sources of the way
i have done/accomplished these works, how i believe i have honored the laws, feel free to contact me.
I'll gladly show  you/explain to you.
The video that we are all talk about: Anime Mansion - How to get all available weapons at wave 1.