Selection Rounds Results: (1 May 2010)
Hay there. Some of you have seen my M.A.D. video show, so to them i dont need to explain what
i mean with M.A.D.2.
For those who don't know M.A.D., well, its an arena fighting show of 2 Doom (alike) monsters
controlled by their decorate code.
The season 1 of M.A.D. was a simple version where only 2 monsters fights each other for 2 winning
  The M.A.D. script was all running automatic, and it checked automaticly of which round it was on,
  and who won, and eventually who won the entire match.
  With M.A.D.2 i like to go further in those scripts. I have expand the total of monsters, and can run
  multiple monsters at once.
  I have written a couple of scripts that controls which monster attacks who.
  Due to the limits of the Doom engine, the monsters cannot attack multiple of opponents, however,
  i have made the script in
  such way that they 'pretend' to attack multiple opponents, but i blocked that part on purpose.
  I dont think i need that option.
  You can imagen that those 'attacking-control' scripts becomes huge and 'laggy' the more monsters
  are going to fight each other.
  What did i done sofar:
  The 'attacking control' script checks fights of:
  1 vs 1 up to 4 vs 4 ( 2 teams )
  Or if there are authors who wants to team up with others to fight one big bad ass powerful opponent.
  But my main goal is to have a 1 vs 1 fights.
  What i want to do is to create a nice looking (amateur) show of decorate monsters to let them fight untill
  1 still stands.
  If you are interested to join this project, then what to do:
  Send in YOUR monster.
  The monster needs to be written in a decorate code, including the sprites, sounds, etc, all in 1 wad file (zip)
  with YOUR (nick)name.
  I strongly recommend that your monster(s) has all the angles, and not just the front view only.
  Thats all you have to do.
  You don't need to make maps, because I am making the maps(arena's) myself, and keeping the scores,
  making the scripts, making the records....
  Now that doesn't take much of your time or does it? ;)
  Available maps ( arena's )
  The standard arena. Capable of having 4 teams.
  A castle-shape arena. Capable of having 4 teams.
  A street themed Arena. Capable of having 4 teams.
  A prison shaped Arena from M.A.D.1. Capable of having 1 vs 1 fights
  Info about your monster(s):
  + It is allowed to have sprites with a 16 color range, but i recommend a Doom color range or higher quality.
  + Duke 3D, Blood, Hexen, Heretic etc sprites are allowed.
  + All monsters health points are set to 3000 and the painchance set to 1, unless the creator makes use of the
     painstate and needs to set the painstate on a higher number, then it is allowed ofcourse.
  + Dont mis-use the invulnerability or reflectivity in such way that it is impossible for the opponent to cause some
     damage to one other.
  + Decorates simular to L33tman monster are not allowed. I consider that the same as the above setting about 'dont
     mis-use the invulnerability or reflectivity'.
  + I am making some special 'power-ups', if some of you likes such power-up for your monster, just call me, or put in
      some lines in the decorate code of your monster where you want to activate some or one of those power-ups.
  + No +Spectral flag allowed.
  + But any DamageFactor "xxx", 0.5 flag is allowed, but only if its done fair and or logical. Ex. if a fluid creature made
     out of Nuke waste, i can imagen its basicly immune to Nuke attack types. You are then allowed to minimise the
     damagefactor to 0.1 (not 0.0 !). Always keep in mind, i'll check every decorate code.
  + Projectiles should be low: if they are set to 1 to max 5 damage and doesnt have some rapidfire behaviour, the
     monster will be considered a lightweight class monster.
     If they're set to 1 up to max 5 damage but are behaved like a rapidfire behaviour, the monster can be considered
     as being midweight class monster.
     If the damage to a projectiles are set to a higher value and or a rapidfire behaviour, the monster will be a
     heavyweight class monster.
  + If a monster uses scripts ACS_Execute(#), you have to send the associated script together with the file.
  These are the rules for now. Maybe more on a later time.
  One more thing: Monster(s) that are being spawned, like the Pain Elemental, will not being controlled than only
  de- or activated by the remote control. They will live their lives by their own choice of who they will attack.
  If any monster is continuesly attacking the camera man, then that monster will be de-activated or removed or
  punished, in any form the judges (me) pleases.
  EVERY monster will only be used for this project. They will NOT be given away to other(s) or to other projects.
  A_SetInvulnerable is only allowed if there is enough opening for the opponent to hurt him/her.
  A_SetInvulnerable is only allowed if there is a visible and/or logical reason like a shield invisability or some other
  magical-like move.
  (New) Power-ups:
  + PowerupInvisible : Monster simulates that it cannot see the enemy.
  + PowerupConfusion : Monster is confused and sometimes it hurts itself.
  + PowerupPoison : Monster is getting hurt constantly (1 damage) untill the attack stops.
  + PowerupHealthLeech1 : Monster under attack of this powerup LOOSES health by random ammount (1-5 damage)
  + PowerupHealthLeech2 : Monster in possession of this powerup GETS health by random ammount (1-5 health)
  + PowerupTimeFreeze : Monster under attack of this powerup gets frozen in time, not projectiles.
  + PowerupRapidFire : Monster shoots faster.
  + PowerupSecondLife : Monster in possession of this powerup regains full health by almost death (Mega sphere)
  + PowerupPunishment : Monster under attack of this powerup gets hurt continuesly rapidly.
     The remote control only has such option, not the monsters.
  + PowerupBloodboil : Monster under attack of this powerup gets hurt by some bloodimp attack.
     Ofcourse you will understand that a Robotic monster doesnt have blood and this powerup will
     not work on them.
  Monsters that i have done or still in the making:
Cyberbot - Hard (Improved version)
2 Rocketlaunchers, 2 different rocket types,
Shoots 2 x 5 rockets.
Plasma Revenant - Medium (Improved version)
2 Plasmarifles on shoulders, shoots 2 x 8 plasmabolts,
learned to fight with 2 fists when melee.
Shapeshifter (Invasion Unleased version) - Hard
Flamethrower from mouth, summons all kinds of attacks from
nowhere, shapeshifting/altering the surroundings.
Nuke Revenant - Medium (Improved version)
Shoots nuke waste on floor, can aim nuke waste to target.
Fist when melee.
CacoDad - Hard (Improved version)
( Still in progress )
Rail Revenant - Medium
Shoots 2 red rails from shoulders.
Hans Grosse - Medium
Shoots rapidly with 2 chainguns.
Mimic / Impersonator - Very Hard
Copies the powers of the opponent(s). Onces the opponent uses some
attacks, Mimic can do the same attacks. He can take max 6 powers to
  the next battle. He cannot copy solid objects like bullets or rockets.
ShapeShifter - Unknown
Changes shape into the same as the opponent, AND its abilities.
Multiply-man - Hard
Can multiply itself, teleports around, and has a powerful photon gun.
Siren - Hard
Soundbeam, adds stolen health to her own by singing
BloodImp - Medium
Bloodboil, phases through floor. Bloodboil attack doesnt work on
Hulk ( Invasion Unleased version ) - Hard
Plasma balls, normal and seekers. Sometimes it jumps.
Rage - Very Hard
Ground attack, earthquake, fists through air, can also fist an enemy
projectile away. Seems to be imune or skin is heavely armored ?!
( Maybe in M.A.D. season3 )
Alma - Hard
Illusions. ( Maybe in M.A.D. season3 )
Zero Invasion Tech Boss - Medium 
Double chainguns. ( Maybe in M.A.D. season3 )
Satan Servant - Very hard
Spells like: frozen, lightning, plague, altering area, firestorm,
hellfire, fire on sight, etc.
( Invasion Unleased version ) a weakenend version 
but don't underestimate this one. He's still strong !
Evolutionary Baron - Hard 
Shoots baron projectiles with 2 or 4 arms, can spawn a big green
ball that spits out smaller projectiles.
  List of contributed monsters and owners:
  One thing, i am not going to check if the monster you send in is really yours, unless i am aware of this fact.
  Skull Priestess - Sanderson Callum
  (Titan - Sanderson Callum)
  Guardian BFG - Matt Bratt
  BFGHumanoid - Matt Bratt
  Wizard - Nova Killer
  Giant Cyborg - Nova Killer
  HellHead - Nova Killer
  Super Saiyin Vile - Dj-jo
  Tchernobog - Chaos Serpent
  Cheogh (ZBlood v4.2) - Chaos Serpent
  Serpent God - Chaos Serpent
  Summo Wrestler - By Chaos Serpent
  OverLord - By ??
DarkBaron - By Disguise
  If when i dont get enough monsters, i will allow myself to use monsters that has a 'free-to-use label'. (Realm667)
  This is what i wanna do.
  I will start off when more than 64 competitors, with rounds of fights with some scoreboard system.
  Those with the most points will automaticly go to the real episodes.
  Along with the total scores of each competitor, will decide of who will face who in the real battle towards the
Last thing: I am aiming to a 30 minutes video instead of the former YouTube 10:59 minutes.